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Controlled bipolar ionization

The production of atmospheric ions è Closely linked to some natural phenomena such as lightning, waterfalls, and marine waves. And the ions released in the 26-rsquo; atmosphere exert a 26-rsquo; energizing and stimulating action which in turn translates into a feeling of great psycho-physical well-being. Falmec's experts have been inspired by this scientific process to create the new collection of E.ion® aspirating hoods; System and recreate the aforementioned well-being in the home environment. By controlled bipolar ionization, these hoods eliminate for a percentage that even reaches 95 percent of all the bad odors that are created in the kitchen and all those polluting and irritating agents represented by bacteria, powders, harmful fumes, exhaust gases and Chemicals contained in household detergents. The collection also includes Oceano, a hood that guarantees excellent performance in both odor filtration and sanitizing environments. A technologically advanced and aesthetically pleasing product, characterized by geometric purity, minimalism and essentialsà Contemporary. Ocean&Egret; Able to aspire along its entire structure, radiating così Much moreù surface; Wide compared to the common hoods.

  • E.ion Falmec Ocean ionizing hood

A leaflet that speaks

Like all other E.ion® technology solutions; Falmec's system (Sea, Spring, Zephiro, Marilyn, Lumiè, king, Eolo, Twister, Rubik and Libra) also Oceanè Equipped with a special leaf-shaped sensor that detects the presence of 26-lsquo; enemies’ At home, from formaldehyde to cigarette smoke. The leaflet manages to evaluate the qualityà Of the 26-rd domestic air and, depending on the situation, changes color; The transition from yellow to green means restoring a healthy and purified environment. This rebalancing process occurs automatically: when cioè The qualityà Of the 26-rsquo; air worsens, the ionization system is reactivated alone. Controlled bipolar ionization does not spread ozone and consequently provides extraordinary space purification, thus also permits a significant improvement in the 26-rsquo; mood and concentration of 26-rs; Present in that particular room.

  • E.ion Falmec Ocean ionizing hood

Exclusive design and easy installation

Falmec, the leading brand in the production of hoods, has reached a new milestone with the development of the Oceano hood. Cheè Characterized not only by innovative technology and by an extremely silentà but also by an exclusive design that becomes an added value with regard to the style of the home. The ciò There is added a’ extreme facilità Installation: no pipes for external exhaust fumes and smells (which would cause heat dissipation of winter heating and 26-rsquo; fresh air in summer air conditioning), né Of works of masonry. It saves effort, saves time and money. It also has a better impact from aesthetic point of view and greater freedomà Relating to the location of the hood in the 26-rsquo; kitchen environment. Like all other Falmec products, the Oceano è hood; Realized entirely in the factory of Vittorio Veneto (Treviso) and during every stage of the production process it is subject to continuous checks and scrupulous checks.