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Sinks, hi-tech

Plados and Telma, thanks to years of experience and unparalleled expertise, represent one of the centers of production of kitchen sinks composite technologically most advanced global material. Target of Plados-Telma Group to raise the kitchen sink in composite material true complement darredo, crucial to make the cozy kitchen, practical and comfortable. To realize this vision, the Group is constantly striving in the achievement of three objectives: quality, design, creativity.

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The functional creativity of Plados-Telma sinks

The Plados-Telma Group stands out from the competition for the following strengths: a wide range of 70 models of sinks and 68 colors, a wide selection of products marketed as: faucets, appliances, stainless steel sinks, hoods and cos on; an internal laboratory constantly engaged in research chemistry & development, with a particular focus on composite materials, the international presence in 45 special Paesi.In with Air Pure, the Plados-Telma Group identifies a number of sinks fitted with dioxide nanoparticles of titanium, which activates the photocatalysis process, which transforms the organic and inorganic pollutants present in the environment harmless mineral salts. The Telma sinks Air Pure thus exert anti-pollution action, self-cleaning and anti-bacterial.