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  • sinks made of composite materials

Accessories for kitchens copyright

Plados one of the world's leading manufacturers of kitchen sinks made of composite materials: stainless steel Ultraquartz, Granit, MicroUltragranit, Malevolent Creation, Ultravitro and Naturstone.Rubinetteria, hobs, ovens and hoods in granite colors and offered to match the sink complement the range of products offered by allowing perfect and inimitable coordinated. Plados managed to gain a significant position in the dif? Cult to the international scene of composite sink material, getting anywhere significant commercial results.

  • sink composite material

The strength of the finish and color

The sinks Plados composite material, from raf design? Born and elegant, are available in six different? Nish and in as many as 64 different tonalit.Grazie to these characteristics, they help to make the environment more lively and integrate seamlessly both with kitchens in style with the modern and trendy environments. Also the range of accessories for large sinks and varied to make the sink area a multifunctional center and therefore not only a place of washing, but also of food preparation.