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functional sinks Franke Intelligence

Franke Centinox expands the product line with a new model: Centinox Minimalist which meets the need of innovative and timeless design also valuable for collection from below. It identifies a successful design for Franke not only in the formal beauty, but also the intelligence function. Centinox reflects in an exemplary way this design philosophy and the Franke centuries-old know-how. Centinox Minimalist is a logical development of production, offering the possibility to carry out the collection from below. If the worktops are made of natural stone, such as granite or marble, cashing of the basin bottom is usually the most used technique respecting natural elegance without cuts.

The comfort accessories

The Centinox range, awarded the Red Dot Award 2011, convinces thanks to a perfect harmony of lines essenziali.Gli tight bending radius of only 12 mm give an aura of pure sobriety, further emphasized in the model Minimalist Centinox from the side walls perfectly smooth. The sinks Centinox line also has many accessories, practical and intelligent, as your mobile drainer, the rollable mat, perforated pan Franke fine stainless steel and the cutting board can be used on both sides. The stainless steel side can thus be set hot objects, while the opposite side made of antibacterial material and hygienic Sanitized ideal for cutting and preparing food.