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  • Franke sink fragranite

Sink in granite

The sinks in granite are becoming increasingly popular among Italians and European users but what is it exactly? The fragranite a material used specifically for the sinks, granite composed of agglomerated particles to form a smooth and uniform surface. Limpiego of this kind of sinks can significantly reduce lime deposits, germs and food particles, with considerable improvement in the igiene.?La fragranite level, considering lelevato granite content (about 80 # 37) has unenorme solidity and resistance allurto and scratch and capable of withstanding temperatures up to 280C.? Although not subject to limescale as for classic steel sinks, however, you can create various kinds of fouling and stains also on the sink in granite, to remove which can simply use dishwashing soap and bicarbonate, passing them gently over the entire the surface with a medium abrasive pad, after which you just rinse. Fragranite withstands temperatures up to 280C, while preserving its look for life: This is the composite sinks material that offers the best performance on the market currently.

  • sink Fragranite DuraKleen

The industry leader

world leader in the production of sinks in granite Franke. In particular sinks Fragranite DuraKleen (in pictures) eliminate cleaning problems associated with sinks made of composite materials. In this case, the granite particles agglomerated in the production phase are even more sensitive and form a more smooth and even surface, reducing the risk of scale deposits. Is also greatly reduced the deposit of debris, bacteria and food particles between grains, which can greatly improve the level of hygiene. The surface of Fragranite Durakleen presents smoother by about 30 # 37 and less irregular due to pi high proportion of small particles used. The use of new resins resizes surface tensions, promoting sanitation operations.