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Artinox leader in the production of sheet metal processed

Atinox è a’ Venetian company that has its roots in sheet metal by più 30 years.
The competence and professionalismà Artinox stood out right away and successes have pushed 26-l-rsquo; company to diversify over the years, the range of its operations by investing not only in research and development, but also in human resources and was able to build a team made up of competent professionals, always motivated and dynamic to date with current trends and are able to anticipate the needs of an increasinglyù market; demanding and constantly changing
Artinox, based in Conegliano in the province of Treviso, è today; a’ leader in the world of sheet metal processing.
Its wide range of products ranging from sinks and kitchen mixers, to kitchen work surfaces, integrated cooktops, for simple accessories like jacks or più technological garbage disposals, backrests, the doors or side.
Thanks to the qualityà of its processes, today Artinox è a’ company certified UNI EN ISO 9001: 2008 and UNI EN ISO 14001: 2004.
All stages of production are monitored continuously to offer customers the best possible product and the qualityà più high.

  • Kitchen sinks Artinox Ghost

Ghost Artinox, the kitchen sink with foldaway faucet

Ghost è in the very functional and innovative range of stainless steel kitchen sinks.
Made entirely of steel / polyethylene, è Available in a version with a spa or two tanks.
A peculiar characteristic of the sink for Ghost Artinox kitchen, è the retractable faucet that is easily retracted into its housing to make room for a sliding cutting board, covering the entire wash area. This allows to have a greater maneuvering space on the work surface even in a kitchen with limited dimensions.
Ghost pu&memorize options It is chosen in different types of built-: filotop to have a sink in continuityà for the worktop thanks to’ absence of edge that makes it particularly suitable for any type of material.
Sopratop: that allows you to place the sink directly on the countertop where the 1mm edge is simply attached with adhesives and silicones, without the needà to apply punctures.
Undermount: where we are witnessing the total absence of edges or corners because the sink is hosted them perfectly under the plan to allow full continuityà and harmony with l& # 39; workspace.