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Hansgrohe the market leader in faucets and kitchen mixers

The è mixer; an essential element both for its functionalityà both for’ aesthetic which it combines the style of the kitchen. In a realityà contemporary where design is king, you have to carefully choose the important details.

Hansgrohe, number one in the ranking of the best designers in the panorama of 26th-rsquo; sanitary, has devised Talis: the line of kitchen mixers with a modern design and with different performance characteristics which vary depending on whichever is the basic model, or the model with mouth d’ high swinging delivery and pull-out shower with two jets.

Quest’ last è swivels 150° and d’ range extends up to 50cm on the sink.
In addition, è It equipped with two types of switchable jet: one for fast flows and one wide-jet to facilitate cleaning and rinsing.

The kitchen mixer Talis Select S

Select the model Talis S è a real helper in the kitchen.

The stylish and elegant look thanks to the basic cone shape, encloses functionalityà and performance that are combined with 26-l-rsquo; high-quality 26-agrave; at Hansgrohe brand.

Thanks to the mixer Kitchen Talis Select S, the 26-s-rsquo; water flow pu&memorize options be stopped and resumed at any time via the Select button. The technology that è was conceived Select, it allows you to maintain constant temperature and intensityà of the flow. Also pu&memorize options It is operated with a very simple gesture made with the palm or the back of the hand or even with his elbow.

The key, in fact, è integrated into the delivery nozzle that easeà 26-l-rsquo; use.

  • Grohe kitchen mixer

Functionality and practicality for the Grohe kitchen mixers

Talis è also easy to clean. The joints are precise, without inlets and this allows you to remove dirt and lime deposits effortlessly.

In the mouth d’ dispensing, also, there are inserts of silicone with QuickClean technology that allow it to be simply cleaned sfregandovi the finger.

Hansgrohe since 1901 sells and manufactures sanitary products aiming all’ più excellence; in high-quality 26-agrave ;, in design and in’ innovation.