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Versatek by ASA Plastici

ASA Plastici, the story

ASA Plastici was founded by Giovanni Crucitti in 1975 , challenging the oil crisis and starting to print thermoplastic polymers. The Dattilo chest of drawers, from 1980, turns out to be an iconic and revolutionary product. With the third millennium the company starts the production of electrical components . Così the first ideas for kitchen and office furniture take shape, while ASA Plastici starts the collaboration with architects and designers and participates in the first tenders for business centers. To date è a 26-year-old reality; which boasts a consolidated technological know-how, structured according to Lean Production, capable of producing a high varietyà of configurations and to distribute in più from 50 countries, with a constantly growing turnover.   The Crucitti Tesser family represents the beating heart of the company and generates the mindset that animates all business processes.

VersaQ by ASA Plastici

Professionalism, passion, efficiency at the service of the customer

ASA Plastics è a’ company of people and professionalismà highly qualified . In each project it aims to achieve the best result with the utmost attention to personal requests and needs; of its customers. Always è engaged in constant research to improve production processes and control procedures planned at every stage of the product journey. The quality standardsà are elevated and allow the company  to increase year-on-year  l’ efficiency, l’ effectiveness and customer satisfaction. The approach is 100 # 37  based on the monitoring of customer demand with consequent ad hoc programming of the product procurement that is custom or standard. ASA Plastici differs for its large capacityà of customization that varies from colors, all& # 39; technical aspect to every other detail. With over 65 # 37 of custom production, ASA Plastici è able to offer a real tailor made service even for single pieces.
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VersaQ by ASA Plastici

Discover Versa Q, the new device from Asa Plastici for simultaneous connection to the power of several mobile devices.