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  • VersaQ by ASA Plastici

VersaQ, small size and big performance

Born from the combined project of the Italian company Asa Plastici and the Progetto CRM architectural studio, the VersaQ è a new model for charging mobile devices . È consisting of four charging points, USB type C socket compatible with most devices on the market, which also allow connection “ wireless charger” from one of these, a solid and compact base. Its clean and elegant design allows this product to integrate perfectly with any type of furniture, both indoor and outdoor, being easy to install even without the aid of a specialized technician. Thanks to all these features, VersaQ won the first prize in the category “ Interior Design Elements” with the RedDot Awards 2020, proving that simplicityà and functionalityà they are qualityà winning.

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  • Versatek by ASA Plastici
  • Versalid by ASA Plastici
  • Versatek by ASA Plastici

A versatile device that integrates into different environments

The particularityà of these highly studied and designed products è versatilityà ;. Inside the Versalogic collection, Asa Plastici offers various solutions to insert electrical sockets inside the d’ furnishings, saving space and improving the efficiency.
Versatek : small size solution that connects più systems through coplanar sockets, suitable for both transmitting data and reloading;
Versaturn3.0: combined system with rotating rotation, which allows its structure to be hidden from view;
Versahit : another retractable module, with a minimum thickness of 40 mm and easy to install. Suitable for any environment and / or furniture being compact and with independent sockets;
Versatop : commercially the più widespread, è available in different lengths and colors. It has two brackets to be able to attach to the edge and the d’ support of a desk.

  • VersaQ by ASA Plastici

ASA Plastici, design accessories for design and production

The Italian company Asa Plastici is one of the most renowned in our area in the field of industrial design, specializing in the design and production of electrical accessories and complements. Founded in 1975, over the years it has distinguished itself for the development of heterogeneous, modern and easily usable products in various environments: being elements with simple shapes and minute dimensions, each model can be hidden either inside a piece of furniture or a sofa or chest of drawers. These elements are not only functional, they can also contribute to giving the right touch of modernity to that piece of furniture, increasing its aesthetic beauty. The originality of Asa Plastici offers products that integrate with different set-ups, adapting the electrical solution to any type of use and function.

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