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edging with Stefani laser technology

Stefani has always been an important technology partner for furniture manufacturers that require the edging with a quality laser technology

Finishing lines Stefani

Stefani company among the actors in the production of accessories The industry dell'arredamento.L'incessante determination, along with the know-how which has constantly invested make it an interlocutor for the industrial reality of the sector, thanks expands the range of application-specific accessories, which satisfy the most disparate.In action needs on the market for decades, Stefani supplies industry and the furniture craftsman with a full range of accessori.L'innovazione in each job, the professionalism of a competent team, the spirit of initiative, research and ingenuity are the cornerstones that have always characterized Stefani, will accompany the journey of growth and ensure that affermazione.Le accessories designed by Stefani are possible thanks to & investments in research development, which allow Stefani to try new materials and finishes, and to propose new games of colors and finishes, or to advance the methods produttivi.Il contribution of architects, designers and technicians allows to develop solutions really in a position to respond to the real needs of customers, with whom Stefani maintains a dialogue durability warranty of which Stefani warranty also underlined by the prestigious certifications obtained from each of the brand, respecting the directives in force .L'ambizione of each project? Preempt the demands of customers who require innovative answers very quickly and develop customized solutions.