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edging with Stefani laser technology

Stefani has always been an important technology partner for furniture manufacturers that require the edging with a quality laser technology

Lines edging finish

Edging represent a component that the components of the brands present for the industry and the artisan product dell'arredo.Collezioni able to give answer to every production need, from the simplest to the most particular, to bring progress, reliability and comfort to the mobili.Soluzioni world that, even when not visible, ensuring the proper functioning of the furniture of our technique abitazione.La, made possible by advanced technology and advanced machinery production methods, goes hand in hand with aesthetics: the result of a component designed for areas of application differenti.In thereby edging can integrate seamlessly with mobile, improving the aesthetic content and well made uso.Arredamenti want good solutions, to make the house confortevole.All'avanguardia and reliable, edging models ensure outstanding reliability that remains over time and does not disappoint the needs of customers and end users.