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Orma machines

Ormamacchine proposes some specific presses for the processing of solid surface, the more and more appreciated by designers Since advanced composite ...

thermoforming of Solid Surface

Purchasing offices and designers are constantly Ormamacchine, specializing in thermoforming and sublimation of Solid Surface

Ormamacchine of molding lines

Ormamacchine holds the reference scene a recognized leadership role for the use of: development, high-level of each product, production processes evolved, credibility, efficiency in customer service, connotations developed over years of experience. Ormamacchine dialogue with designers, engineers and technicians enables us to provide the accessories that will really give an answer to the real needs of its customers. The accessories designed by Ormamacchine have gained the main certifications that indicate the undoubted quality. With a well-stocked selection of proposals and a widespread distribution, Ormamacchine supplies industry and the furniture craftsman, which considered authoritative authoritative interlocutor. Asked by a constantly evolving market, Ormamacchine responds quality and fast, for the use of a policy of engagement to actualize continuous manufacturing facilities, making best methods and streamline production processes.