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  • thermoforming of Solid Surface

Thermoforming Solid Surface

The thermoforming a molding technique, which is under pressure vacuum, also applicable to sheets of solid surface, which an advanced composite, usable in numerous residential and commercial applications in the furniture-compartment design, or in the slab for floors of work, such as coating or decorative element, in the manufacture of furniture, but also printed to shape tubs and sinks. The material available in different sizes of sheet, thickness and color. The production process of Ormamacchine facility allows bending and shaping, or print the composite, but should be heated to a temperature of ca. 170 C in order that takes the right flexibility and malleability. It is an interesting application that allows maximum flexibility 'production, even in non-standard production, with an immediate yield and very low delivery times.

  • sublimation Solid Surface

Sublimation Solid Surface

The sublimation of the transition of a substance from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing from the intermediate liquefaction. Specifically, it defines the sublimation into gas transformation undergone by the ink upon activation by calore.In this case, the manufacturing process of Ormamacchine system, allows the permanent transfer of crisp images and vivid colors, as printed paper jet ' ink, a slab of "Solid Surface". Once the image is transferred, the sheet can be thermoformed. The images reproduced on a bi / three-dimensional objects are resistant to washings, also with detergents and scratch, since the image itself which penetrates into the accommodation material, in fact the surface of the sheet, even after the sublimation can be polished. thermoforming and sublimation of solid surface today is a great opportunity for those who want to create quality items or refined aesthetic personality in the field of design, art, fashion and furnishing accessories.