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Solid Surface: thermoforming and sublimation

Ormamacchine offers a selection of special presses for the processing of solid surface, the advanced composite material increasingly appreciated by professionals and designers Since used in many residential and commercial applications. Some examples? As a work surface, as a coating or decorative element, in the manufacture of furniture, but also molded to shape bathtubs, sinks, bar counters or shaped walls. Ormamacchine has gained an experience relevant, defining unesaustiva product range for thermoforming and sublimation of Solid Surface. The model Duplex (in the first image), for example, ununica machine that includes a heating furnace and a cold forming press, with the possibility dintegrare in the oven also a suitable oven to sublimazione.Il kits ensures a temperature extremely homogeneous (3 degrees), thanks to a daria recirculation system which allows to transfer the heat with great efficiency by the electric resistors to the sheet of Solid Surface, employing about 50 # 37 of installed power compared to an oven with plans electrical or thermal oil recirculation steel. After the slab reached the right temperature, it opens the oven, you take it and moves into the floor above, the membrane press which is provided for forming. Duplex a seemingly simple machine, but perfect for working these materials in a precise and economic. With a kit more, the same system can perform the sublimation of the plate, the process of which we will discuss more below.

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Solid Surface: the various stages of the process

In the processing of the Solid Surface, what the sublimation? This term defines the transition of a substance from the solid to the gaseous state, without passing from the intermediate liquefaction. It is therefore the gas in the processing undergone by the ink in response to activation by heat. The sublimation of the Solid Surface Today is a great opportunity for those who want to develop elements of refined aesthetic personality in the field of design, art, fashion and furnishing accessories. The sublimation process consists of permanent transfer dimmagini defined and bright colors in the Solid Surface sheet surface. The images reproduced on two / three-dimensional objects are resistant to washing, even with detergents and scratch, as no relief printing, bens the same image that penetrates the porosity of the materiale.Una once transferred the image, the artifact Solid surface can be sanded and thermoformed, without affecting the quality dellimmagine same. Compared to other techniques of decoration by means of printing, ink adopted water-based and can ennoble the two sides of the sheet in Solid Surface, in a single process, while maintaining the highest quality standards. With short deadlines and a cost-competitive manufacturing process, verified by expert unazienda Ormamacchine as possible, processing images, graphics fantasies and playing with colors, copy and imitate any essence, such as stone, marble and granite, tiles, plaster, fabric and so on.