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  • rehau shrunken edge

Edging for any furniture

Leading in delivering components for the furniture industry, Rehau has expanded the range of zero-edged edge edges Raukantex with a new edging solution for rigid and thin surfaces and with innovative technology that gives a completely natural effect to wood finishes. With over twenty thousand design proposals, available in any size and subdivided into three lines, and with a wide choice of colors and finishes, Rehau's renewed program has captured the interest of furniture manufacturers, as it allows to realize a perfect edging for any aesthetic and functional needs. It also deserves the compatibility between modern technology and traditional machining processes. Made of 100 # 37 in polymeric material to ensure that the zero leakage effect durates over time and also features a color-matched polymeric layer on the visible side, Raukantex Pro is a versatile border and suitable for all types of machining: laser, hot -Air, Plasma and Infrared Radiation (NIR). In order to offer the highest edge performance in case of rigid and thin surfaces, nowadays also available in the Optimized Moisture Resistance (OMR) version: the fluid layer of the functional layer is still of higher quality and allows a deep penetration in the panel so that to fill any cavities resulting from the cutting operations of certain surfaces. There, of course, also translates into optimal aesthetic result.

  • rehau laser beading

The Raukantek range

In addition to the Raukantex Pro line, the Swiss company Rehau proposes those of the Raukantex Plus and Raukantex Pure lines. The first ones were developed to meet the needs of furniture makers who are approaching unburned technology; the board is compatible with all workmanship and has a glue layer already laid out in standard colors on the back. Raukantex Pure is the answer for those who prefer the traditional edge-finishing method: this line combines classical edge variations that need primers, which can be used without any problems with all common types of glue. Not only. Rehau has optimized the processing of the Raukantex Pro, Plus and Pure edges with the introduction of Synchro-Lack, a special finish that is applied to the edge band simultaneously to the decorative image. Result? The veins are accentuated, thus gaining valuable value, and they also have a natural and realistic shiny effect, especially on all decorations and wood shades.