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Rehau is a reality in continuous evolution

Born in 1948 in’ Upper Franconia, Germany, Rehau è today a realityà present worldwide and active in different sectors. Leading in’ innovation, Rehau è a group which has about 20,000 employees and 170 international locations.

In’ upcoming edition of Sicam in Pordenone, sarà in the stand A12 / B11 – Pav. 5, where presenterà new solutions to’ vanguard in the polymer world.

Rehau, in fact, thanks to constant investment in research and development, combines design, refinement of detail and functionalityà in one innovative product.

The RAUKANTEX edging solutions

In addition, in the frame of Sicam, Rehau presenterà the solutions of the RAUKANTEX edging line and pro RAUKANTEX plus in the renewed and enhanced version.

But let's see them up close. RAUKANTEX pro--26 egrave; the revolutionary system in which the edge of the panel is applied through laser welding. This type of processing creates a perfect fusion between the two elements that are joined without the need for any adhesive. The end result è impeccable: the è escape; completely invisible, giving all’ element a magnificent effect of continuityà ;.

RAUKANTEX plus it allows l’ application of the edge-l through 26-rsquo; use of a monochromatic glue that, once combined, create a’ perfect union free of leaks. Ci&memorize options It allows an aesthetic effect with great performance.