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Floral fabrics

The collection of textiles Woodville, offering remarkable beauty floral motifs is launched by Zoffany for spring 2014. The collection highlights the painting talent of the Zoffany design studio and conceived as a mirror of the classical traditions, but it is not without a certain contemporary character, thanks allutilizzo of modern printing techniques and allimpegno of well-known artists who were invited to achieving the motivi.Woodville of life in a sophisticated and romantic setting, perfect for town homes, and a solution always valid wherever they seek a touch of sophistication to create a timeless beauty.

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A mix of fine fabrics

The Woodville collection includes five prints of a mixture of fabrics ranging from linen to silk, a print on warp, silk embroidered and nine wallpapers. Instead Munro Weaves a collection of two beautiful qualities, woven in cotton, linen and chenille with a plot with an antique flavor and a sculpted finish for an aged look but relaxed. Each fabric is available in fourteen colors, ranging from soft and neutral tones, through the means-tones of burgundy and smoke gray, to the deepest shades of cobalt and magenta or vivid jewel tones.