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Design contest

It is not often that you are pleasantly surprised by attending an event from which a formal presentation of products and solutions is expected, especially in relation to a class of items that has always been considered cold and merely practical, such as functional hardware. But when one of the cornerstones of the company philosophy is the inclusion of “design in hardware” then everything changes and the event in question is tinged with a special atmosphere, arousing a deeper interest. Especially when journalists mix with the students of the Brera Academy called up for a design competition, and share with them an authentic tension towards innovation. A small introduction to talk about the Turkish company Samet, one of the world's leading suppliers of functional accessories for furniture, which welcomed the students of the Brera Academy into its Shoowroom, officially starting the design contest inspired by the "poetics of the drawer. The inauguration event of the You (r) Inside design contest saw the attentive, interested and inspired participation of sixty young creatives from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts. The students of the Product Design course, led by the teacher and designer Roberto Semprini, visited the Samet showroom in Grassobbio, touching the different products of the company mounted on furniture of the best design brands and focusing their attention above all on drawer systems. . Samet Italia director Stefano Minelli told how the idea of launching a design contest aimed at young students of the Academy was born, underlining how the real plus of Samet and the quality that distinguishes the group is the firm will to create and add Samet, today the fifth largest group in the world in the functional furniture sector for the furniture industry, is pleased to make its own personal contribution to the entire sector - traditionally focused almost exclusively on functionality and mechanics - letting itself be inspired by shapes and design.

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Industrial design

The designer Roberto Semprini, coordinator and soul of the Contest, then intervened to launch the design competition conceived by Samet, who gave his students some reflections on the theme of the "poetics of the drawer", bringing examples of philosophers, writers and artists of the past and contemporaries who have made the drawer a work of art and a source of inspiration, from Salvador Dalì to Shiro Kuramata. Yet the drawer, which lends itself to metaphorizing deep, hidden, dynamic worlds, conceals a danger: the obsession with classification. For this reason, a warning and at the same time a final wish addressed to all the participants was to open their minds by creating in total freedom without setting limits or building barriers. At the end of the meeting, the marketing manager of the group Samet Pinar Uçkan, the group's philosophy was revealed to the students, the constant investment in Research&Development, the range of products that Samet exports to one hundred countries around the world and introduced the Smart Flow more closely, the new light and minimalist drawer that Samet will bring to the market and on which the young students will have to elaborate and create their own personal “poetics of the drawer”. The name of the winner will be known shortly before the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.