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Preview trends at IMM Cologne 2016

2016: I start with the beasts! And Imm Cologne, the real point of reference for the global mobile market, will be the first event of the new year dedicated allinterior design. The lounge will have place in the contemporary LivingInteriors biennial international exhibition dedicated to the kitchen, built-in appliances and accessori.Ma emerging trends by Imm Cologne 2016? The official website anticipates some. Comfort first, declined in all design applications, from sofas to cabinets, up to bathtubs. This trend is expressed perfectly by the House (Haus) given by the designer Sebastian Herkner, which has a circular floor plan, with no corners, colorful, communicative and above all capable of changing spaces and forms within it, like a chameleon. Haus will be one of the key events of this edition of the fair.

  • imm 2016

lightness tendency to Imm Cologne

Another trend: the lightness that investir all dellarredo components from furniture allambiente bathroom, from accessories to the sessions. The heaviness of the sometimes cumbersome and bulky furniture gives way to more balanced additions, starting with sofas nellarea living, no longer studied with depth at times excessive, but proposed a more delicate design and resized size , often accompanied by cocktail chairs and tables offered in groups, often with subtle and nuanced lighting. The padding is very compact and the facilities are supported by thinner legs or guides metalliche.S curves, allassenza of angles. It decreases the focus on ubiquitous wall systems, to make space for groups somewhat improvised individual shelves, but also beliefs, minidivani armchairs. Very popular are the pastel colors of Scandinavian classics, alternating with contrasting colors, more vivid. The neutral is still in fashion, but a little less than a must.Imm Cologne will take place in Cologne January 18 to 24 in 2016.