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  • Show LG Hausys

An interactive exhibition, not to be missed

LG Hausys body lora of Archistar. The enterprise dellHI-MACS returns to Milan FuoriSalone inside the Superdesign Show, at Superstudio Pi via Tortona.Il design and projects of Alessandro Mendini and Stefano Giovannoni, Karim Rashid, Marcel Wanders and Ben van Berkel, as well as their personal interpretations of the pattern concepts, space and the project will be the protagonists of an interactive exhibition on the world of design and techno more advanced materials. An archive of great charm, which proposes the various collaborations with LG Hausys, which took place over the years in different ways, but always amazing, through a universe of colors, body types and especially materials.

  • The exhibition on hi-MACS by LG Hausys

The performance qualities of HI-MACS

To structure a chronological path, so highlighting a common thread that can highlight the trends and styles change over the years, LG Hausys recreates a forest of columns in HI- MACS - not for nothing that the title of the exhibition Collaboration elements - each of which is assigned to one of progettisti.Attorno, then a shell of mirrors can reflect the space endlessly, completely eliminating any border between abstract and concrete, past and future. Visitors can let themselves be accompanied by pictures and video, but above all it also will inspire, uncovering performance quality of HI-MACS and its infinite customization and application opportunities.