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  • Xylexpo

Because the Xylexpo logo has changed

A strong wind of novelty continues to blow; on Xylexpo , the World Biennial of woodworking technologies and components for the furniture industry organized at the Fiera Milano Rho suburban hub. After the decision to concentrate and condense the calendar, passing from five to four days, è in fact, a new place was created. A significant choice, which in some ways represents a watershed but also an evolution. Let's explain: exactly twenty’ years have passed since the organizers filed the denomination “ Interbimal” to rename l’ event, in fact, “ Xylexpo&rdquo ;; the old logo identified the international exhibition up to the 26-rsquo; edition of 2018 while for that of 2020, which will be held 26-agrave; from Tuesday&January; 26 to Friday-26th; May 29, 2020, debutterà the new. We turn the page, therefore, also with a graphic sign that brings to the fore the vocation of Xylexpo, the tools for working both wood and its derivatives, but which at the same time reflects a più style; modern, all’ sign of clarity and linearityà ;.

  • New Xylexpo Logo

New Xylexpo logo, simplicity wins

"We have chosen to 'clean' our old logo - explained the director of Xylexpo Dario Corbetta - and to create an easy to read, stronger image that identifies us for what we are: a concrete, modern appointment, where exhibitors and visitors must be able to recognize themselves with immediacy and simplicity, concentrated in what their business is, namely the supply and demand for innovation ". The previous logo was in fact much more elaborate, with the stylized representation of the globe in the background, the two red "Xs" that seemed hand drawn with a marker (or brush) and the indication of the year at the bottom right, which changed from time to time. The new Xylexpo logo is simple yet of great impact: only one “X” is red, the first, but it immediately brings to mind a radial miter saw or a circular saw. In short, tools that are used for woodworking. The other letters are gray and much thinner, the background is only white. Truncate the synthesis for a message that everyone can understand. The balance of Xylexpo 2018 was very positive: visiting professional operators almost reached 17,800. More is expected for the 2020 edition. Will the 20,000 milestone be reached? The premises are not lacking, indeed.