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  • leapHome

LeapHome: an ambitious challenge

Objective: to revolutionize the world of 26-rsquo; building. È Was officially presented LeapHome, an unprecedented constructive solution derived from the 26-rsquo; LEAPfactory experience, matured through high-rise buildings, hence in extreme and difficult environments. It is a home made entirely on the basis of a process that reformates the paradigms of the 26-rsquo; living by launching an ambitious challenge, that is, 26-egrave; Apply to all elements the methods of industrial production. The various components of the 26-rsquo; dwelling, just as they do for cars, are all-26; Assembled on site totally dry and without further processing or adjustments required. The added value of LeapHome is its integrated product nature, which goes well beyond the traditional distinction between carrying structures, casing, fixtures, finishes and furnishings; Thus creating a structural unicum that maintains a high qualitative level and a great aesthetic consistency. The house looks già Complete with technological installations, fixed furnishings and accessories. In practice, ready to be inhabited. It is tailor-made, according to customer's requests, and is handed” With finishes and interior Made in Italy; The times are particularly reduced and the 26-rsquo; assembly takes place with a simpleà In some respects disarming.

  • LeapHome and Cleaf

A customizable and sustainable home

With LeapHome the può space; Be customized to 100 # 37. For the main finishes, exterior and interior, così As is the case for the technological equipment of the house è At the disposal of the customer a wide range selected and optimized during the design phase. The wealth of choice goes hand in hand with simplifying the process and also translates into a great flexibilityà Of the 26-rsquo; dwelling about any changes and modifications. During the construction phase, the traditionally understood yard, ie 26-Egrave, disappears; A place continually characterized by uncertainties and delays; In situ operations are limited to a &inch, clean"ed assembly; Of small components, and therefore of low weight, the execution of which may be; Be entrusted to unskilled workers. The benefits of LeapHome make the true essence of sustainabilityà ;: limited soil tampering and containment of environmental impacts; Qualityà ;, performatività And traceabilityà some materials; High-efficiency plants; Timely and cost-effective times. “ Living immersed in nature – Says Stefano Testa and Luca Gentilcore, the founders of LEAPfactory srl - is one of the 26-hop choices; Important to embrace a new lifestyle. We like to think that we can combine the comfort of a modern home with the deep libertà And the pioneering spirit of a life in perfect harmony with the 26-rsquo; environment around us&rdquo ;.

  • The new LeapHome home

Frame, the first LeapHome model

The first model of LeapHome is called Frame and è Visitable to Lissone, in the outer space of Cleaf. The house covers an area of u200bu200b130 square meters spread over two floors; Altogether è Consisting of a double-height living room with a study area, a 26-inch dining area with kitchen, two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a large external terrace of relevance. The principle of “ oriented look” Which characterizes other achievements of LEAPfactory: the structure develops cioè Longitudinally offering wide panoramic openings on opposite sides and showing the characteristic hut section that connotes the home and its idea of u200bu200bdomesticità ;. Frame has a microlamelling wooden frame (light 6.5m and 1.2m distance); Pillars and beams integrate a rich system of custom made furniture: cloakroom, drawers, bookcases, pantry. All finishes are coordinated and made with quality-resistant, durable and green materials. Technological facilities include a 26-unità Compact, air-conditioned air conditioning, with 26-way electric heat pump and mechanized air with high efficiency heat recovery. L& electric apparatus è Pre-wired, with intelligent signal commands and home automation functions.

  • Cleaf and LeapHome

Climbing with Cleaf

L’ Frame wrap, LeapHome's first model, è Consisting of elements that offer high thermal and acoustic insulation performance, obtained with the use of composite and last-generation insulating materials. The interior surfaces belong to the Cleaf collection, a brand that has decided to support this project as it fully shares the design philosophy. These are laminated panels, laminates and edges featuring many customizable finishes and decorations. For 26-rsquo; all’ Frame interior features four Cleaf products including, in absolute preview, Lead, a surface of the Hyper Materials collection that, thanks to the 26-rsquo; Acrylic resins, is opaque, anti-fingerprint, soft to the touch and with low reflection of light. Proposed both as a laminated panel or as a laminate, è Suitable for vertical and horizontal applications. HM01 lead in paneled version è Used for furnishings, containers and doors. Nadir FB14 in paneled version è Served instead for the lining of the service core and the kitchen block. Nadir FA68 in paneled panel version features wall and ceiling finishing. Ecopelle FB45 in paneled version è Used for bathroom lining.