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The revolution in wood bending

Bending wood without visible joints and with different thicknesses represents a revolution in the curvature of wood. Purchasing departments choose ...

curved elements Duxilon

The collaboration of architects, designers and technicians allows to fully develop components capable of responding to the real expectations of customers, with whom Duxilon maintains an ongoing dialogue. Progress at every stage of production, the experience of an enthusiastic group, the spirit of enterprise, the wants and inventiveness are the values u200bu200bthat have always distinguished Duxilon, guiding the journey of growth and ensure positive outcomes. The which Duxilon durability warranty guarantee also demonstrated by the many certifications obtained from each component of the brand, respecting the rules in force. The ambition of each project? anticipate customer demands, which require innovative answers quickly and develop customized solutions. The components created by Duxilon born thanks to investments in research and development, which allow Duxilon to try new materials and finishes and to propose unpublished mix, as well as to develop the production processes. On the market for years, Duxilon meets the industry and the craftsman of the cabinet with a complete collection of components. Duxilon an entrepreneurial reality among the leaders in the production of components for the furniture The industry. The entrepreneurial spirit, combined with expertise in which he has invested continuously make it a point of reference for manufacturers in the furniture industry, for about the variety of components for the specific function, that meet the most diverse needs.