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curved elements of Veneta Curvi

Veneta Curve offers a high level of specialization in the field of curved elements, much appreciated by purchasing offices and design of large design ...

Curved elements Curved Veneta

The components designed by Veneta Curved have gained the main certifications that guarantee safe quality. The requirement of a constant evolution in the market, Veneta Curved able to respond in a qualitative and timely manner, for the use of a constant policy of engagement for the modernization of continuous fabrication plants, to advance the systems and rationalize the processes of production. With a diverse range of proposals and an accurate distribution, Veneta Curved caters industry and the furniture craftsman, which considered authoritative authoritative interlocutor. Veneta Curve in dialogue with designers, engineers and technicians: allows us to propose the components actually able to respond to customers' real needs. Veneta Curved covers a recognized leadership role in the field to use: development, high-level of each component, advanced production processes, credibility, efficiency in customer service, features developed over years of experience.