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  • curved elements of Veneta Curvi

Wood, that curves!

Veneta Curved an industrial reality that relies on third-generation active in the company for the development of curved products of the future. The ISO 9001 certification are added to FSC and PEFC certifications, in addition to the excellent results of the Survey Report made by foreign clients coming to the Venetian Curvi for the purchase of its elements curvi.Il Design Department is in charge of wood veneers curve of melamine, to the curvature of the compound obtained by alternating the different materials, which makes it possible to obtain very high mechanical resistance products, light weight, can also be used outside to: lounge chairs, tables, lighting systems. The latest proposals concern the wood / carbon compound, the Veneta Curve alone to propose in the furniture industry and its components. The development of joint processing of these materials allows to obtain products that contribute to the creation of new design horizons.

  • curvilinear elements Veneta Curvi

Stoop, an art!

The Department of Industry Veneta Curved develops the curvature of UV glossy panel that allows you to bring the shiny future in the round version. The rights incoming panels of chipboard or MDF base are transformed into curved panels outgoing system in combination with the supply principale.Veneta Curved realizes altres the curvature of melamine panels with thermo structured surface, whether Cleaf, Egger and so on, with round before obtaining 5-element, eco-compatible and eco-sustainable, progressive replacement of wood. The Treviso based company is developing even curved doors with melamine thermo-structured surface and integrated handle grip, where the finish of the integrated handle identical to that of the thermo structured surface (patent pending).

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