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Cold folding wooden and dry Bendywood

Candidus Prugger, based in South Tyrol, the only manufacturer in the world of cold and dry Bendywood collapsible timber, which is used by many ...

curved elements Candidus Prugger

Progress in every production process, the experience of an enthusiastic team, the spirit of initiative, the wants and ingenuity are the skills that have always distinguished Candidus Prugger, guiding the journey of growth and ensure positive outcomes . On the market for years, Candidus Prugger meets industry and the furniture craftsman with a full range of accessories. The evolution continues, with equal experience step which has constantly invested make it an interlocutor for the industrial reality of the furniture sector, duly to the variety of accessories for the specific function, which meet the most different needs. Accessories created by Candidus Prugger born thanks to investments in research and development, which allow Candidus Prugger to experiment with new materials and finishes, and to propose new combinations, or improve production methods. The contribution of design studios, designers and technicians can provide accessories that truly respond to the real needs of business customers, with whom Candidus Prugger has an ongoing dialogue. Candidus Prugger company among the major players in the production of accessories The industry of the furniture. The assurance referred to Candidus Prugger guarantee also underlined by the prestigious certifications obtained from each of the brand, respecting the rules in force. The goal of each project? anticipate the needs of client companies that require innovative answers fast times and provide customized solutions.