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  • Cold folding wooden and dry Bendywood

curved elements

Orientatosi into rounded shapes, soft, without edges, the design has had a lot of needs, nellultimo decade of the wood bending specialists. The shift towards more rounded forms has placed the emphasis on the curved elements. There are many companies that specialize in plywood, panels, curved wood and other materials for special productions, and clearly complements furniture, but also for naval furnishings and decorations and industriali.Si is expert companies in bending techniques, with a know-how cutting edge, as laltoatesina Candidus Prugger, the only producer in the world of cold folding wooden and dry Bendywood, which is used by many architects, designers and interior designers around the world as a reliable solution and quality to meet to problems in building interiors.

  • bentwood Bendywood

the Bendywood

Bendywood a massive hardwood that you work as normal wood, then dry and cold bends allowing users to save on manufacturing costs, increase productivity and improve the quality of the work. This product is manufactured according to a special thermo-mechanical process, starting from blocks / squares of European and American hardwood (beech, oak, maple, ash, walnut and cherry): first of these squares are subjected to evaporation to soften the links between molecules and then are compressed in length by about 20 # 37 and finally dried. The maximum obtainable extent of 120x120x2200 mm, while the most long pieces are supplied glued. Bendywood bends up to a guaranteed maximum radius of 10 times its thickness (for example a board of 10 mm thickness can be bent up to a radius of 100mm) .The use of longer sections, from 2200mm up to a maximum of 6600 mm, it bend instead guaranteed up to a radius of 20 times their thickness (for example a board of 50 mm thickness can be bent up to a radius of 100 cm) as they are spliced. Thin sections of Bendywood easily bend by hand. For those more big (from 10 mm) require a greater force: then you recommend using forceps, clamps, ropes, or, if you want uniform rays or you must bend very thick sections (> 48 mm), or very short (<3600 mm), we recommend using a calender / bending.

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