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  • components for offices

Complements to operational and executive environments

ASA International Group, founded in 1975, specializes in the design and production of furniture and accessories designed to make every practical and functional operational and managerial environment, in collaboration with the most renowned office furniture industries. The design of the product added value to the electrified solutions, the ducts and glands made dallimpresa.ASA deals with industrial design and guarantees: unestrema flexibility and interchangeability of components; appropriate alternative solutions, unestetica and a customizable service.

  • office accessories

practical and functional products, but design

Asa International manufactures wheels, grommets, retractable shelves, drawers, vertebrae, keyboard port: it is not simple components. Their value added design. If in the past, in fact an object had to have, as a fundamental requirement pleasantness, now this is not enough: all selected items by users must be useful and functional. ASA International Group is involved in industrial design: produces component parts of an object darredo, but also individual elements that give shape to an idea of u200bu200bbeauty and utility together.

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