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  • Avan tech by Hettich

The Avan Tech revolution from Hettich for drawers

Hettich has devised Avan Tech, the decidedly state-of-the-art drawer system that possesses not only high-end properties; functional but also aesthetic.

Each plastic component and each screw are hidden to focus all the attention on the efficiency characteristics that, an Avan Tech drawer, contains.

Furthermore, Hettich has created a completely unique and irresistible range of variants, where the systems integrate perfectly with the drawer, creating an ensemble of unprecedented order and cleanliness.

  • Accessories for Hettich drawers and chests of drawers

Organizational systems of accessories for drawers and large drawers.

Orga Tray 260 is used in the drawers, while Orga Store 260 is used in the drawers.

Thanks to magnets, the various elements that compose them can be combined together according to your needs.

At the sight, the wood finishes and the steel profiles painted in coordinated with the color of the sides give a very glamorous look to the whole piece of furniture.

On the bottom there is an anti-slip mat to facilitate stability; of the elements in such a way as to maintain the desired order even in the case of particularly vigorous opening and closing.

  • Modular systems for Hettich drawers and chests of drawers

Modular accessories for drawers and chests of drawers

Orga Tray 230 è the system applied to the drawers.

It is a revolutionary system, where the organizational elements are placed on thin plates placed on the wooden bottom. Ciò allows you to modulate spaces according to your needs, giving the drawer all its own customization.

In Orga Store 230 , we find a perforated plate, which can be cut to size, which allows the inside of the drawers to be created in a continuous order that satisfies every need for space.

For both series, Hettich wanted to focus on the sense of naturalness that the elements must communicate, even when they are put together. Made of solid walnut and oak, they blend perfectly with the side panel AvanTech creating a harmonious effect of color and matter.

Thanks to the modular principle , all elements can be easily combined with each other. This allows Hettich to easily supply its customers with very short waiting times.

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