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  • Domus Line recessed led profiles

Domus Line, the novelties presented at Interzum 2017

Apex, Miss and Lab: these are the names of the new proposals presented by Domus Line for the 2017 edition of Interzum, the più grande  fair  to the world dedicated to the subcontracting of the furniture industry and semi-finished products. The event, which is organized in Cologne, attracted 1,732 exhibitors from 60 countries; over 69,000 visitors, on the other hand, arrived in Cologne from over 143 countries around the world. The share of internationalityà it has reached a percentage equal to 74 # 37, the numbers of previous years have been clearly exceeded and the exhibition panorama is è confirmed complete and highly qualified. Present all’ appeal allù important companies operating in the sector including Domus Line, which in particular è specialized in the design and manufacture of lighting fixtures. Born not far from Venice, in an area characterized by a solid industrial tradition, today Domus Line può boast a selected commercial network that distributes its products in over 60 countries on all continents, from the Americas to all’ Oceania, guaranteeing customers competence and assistance. Innovation,   design  and  sustainabilityà environmental  are the values that have decreed the success of this realityà Italian; to ciò the collaboration with the well-known designer Giuseppe Bavuso is added, which has made it possible to define innovative forms and solutions that integrate creativity; to functionalityà ;.

  • Apex recessed led profiles by Domus Line Miss

Apex, Led profile in methacrylate

On the occasion of Iterzum 2017, Domus Line has launched Apex, Miss and Lab, a new collection of linear recessed LED profiles designed specifically for wardrobes, equipped cabins, shelves and under-cabinets. Minimalist and essential, these profiles integrate perfectly with the chosen structure and do not present any invasive elements. Apex, made of methacrylate, è available for built-in installation in rebate on through and blind grooves (width 9mm and depth 26-agrave; 11mm). The length può be customized, starting from a minimum of 30 cm to reach up to a maximum of 3 meters. E’ It is also possible to choose between two different Led strips: FLEXYLED HE 120 LED / m and FLEXYLED SHE 180 LED / m with technology  NO-DOT EFFECT  which cancels the dotted effect. The Apex profile of Domus Line è particularly suitable for vertical installation on the sides of wardrobes, wardrobes and kitchen columns and for horizontal installation in kitchen under-cupboards, open compartments, bookcases and equipped walls.

  • Domus Line Miss recessed led profiles

Miss: the linear led profile

It is called Miss ed è the linear LED profile belonging, together with Apex and Lab, to the new collection presented by Domus Line in Cologne during Interzum 2017. A collection based on a new generation of LED strips which, with their powerful flow bright, guarantee a’ excellent illumination of the compartments and surfaces. Like Apex and Lab, Miss è too; available with warm white (warm white light) and natural white (natural white light) and può light sources; be configured with high-density 26-agrave LED strips; linear 120 LED / m  or 180 LED / m; in the latter case, the NO-DOT effect technology offers a homogeneous, diffused light projection without the characteristic dotted effect that instead distinguishes traditional LEDs. Miss si può also use for built-in installation in rebate on pass-through milling and blind milling (width 12.3mm and depth 26-agrave; 13.5mm); as far as length is concerned, it is può choose between different options: the minimum è 30 cm and the maximum è 10 foot. The level of customization, soì ;, is very high. The può profile; be configured with two different Led strips, namely FLEXYLED HE 120 LED / m and FLEXYLED SHE 180 LED / m with technology  NO-DOT EFFECT. Miss reveals all her potential; especially in the case of horizontal installation in kitchen under-cabinets, day rooms, bookcases and equipped walls.    

  • Domus Line Lab recessed LED profiles

Lab: anti-glare recessed led profiles

The new collection of recessed Led profiles presented by Domus Line during Interzum 2017 è completed by Lab, which stands out for its special anti-glare eyelid. The luminous projection results cioè screen on the user side and is projected towards the inside of the illuminated compartment. Lab è suitable for recessed installation on 12.3 mm wide and 13 mm deep grooves. The length of the profile  è   can be customized according to individual needs, ranging from a minimum of 30 cm to a maximum of 3 meters; this product is mainly suitable for the interiors of wardrobes and walk-in closets. It is important to point out that Apex, Miss and Lab are supplied as standard with a Micro24 connection system equipped with connectors with reduced dimensions, cioè for hole of only 6mm in diameter, with safety hook. The measure può be designed to the millimeter and è It is possible to add sensors to turn on, turn off and adjust the light beam; the wide range of finishes available make this Domus Line collection a perfect tailor-made lighting system for furniture manufacturers.

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