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Gieffe: Italian aziena specializing in production of furniture accessories

Gieffe è a& # 39; Italian company, which is part of the large group of Formenti -26 amp; Giovenzana Spa, which specializes in the production and distribution of accessories for the world-s 26- # 39; furniture and d& # 39; home furnishings.

It born in Brianza in 1947 and più 60 years became a leading manufacturer of accessories for furniture. That's thanks to its inclination to anticipate the tastes and demands of the market.

Thanks to the collaboration of its partners, Gieffe has developed over time a wide range of kitchen accessories ideal to meet the demands of an increasingly targetù demanding.

The new ACCESSORIES Gieffe kitchen

Mainly thanks to the strong commitment of the R& D, Gieffe pu&memorize options boast a& # 39; a wide selection of kitchen accessories that perfectly match both purely classical environments or to modern type of furniture without forgetting the increasinglyù frequent requests for those who have space problems.

E& # 39; precisely in this& # 39; optical result is the new family of kitchen sets Gieffe; the Olympia and Athena kit intubo where rectangular baskets are inserted in lamera.

Do not neglect the various kits Sunflower, Pink, One, Orchid formed by a bar with supports in zamak and steel.

The products are già has the application and for any è information; posibile contact& # 39; Gieffe sales office.


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