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  • Elica hood

A hood design "cubed"

The new Elica hood that breaks the patterns in the kitchen is called 35CC. Shape and color highlight a design object with a technological heart, in perfect style propeller. The shape comes dallintersezione of two shells in C, an external, aesthetic and colored that joins to a more functional in smooth or perforated steel, forming an unusual cube of only 35 cm. The suction surface is on three sides, offering surprising performance in the uptake of fumi.Invece Sweet reinterpreting classic dellicona the chimney. The realization polymer allows for smooth lines that soften the forms and create harmony in an object adaptable to any kitchen environment. Sweet attention to every detail, from the finishes material: a thin line polished steel characterizes the hood enhancing the curves and harmonious forms. The elegant perimeter daspirazione system allows to increase the speed of uptake of the cooking fumes, improving effectiveness.

  • Tiffany hood Elica

New air in the kitchen

Helix also proposes Tiffany, a vertical hood that enhances lessenzialit, modern interpretation of the rules of sobriety. Tiffany an object from a simple composition: a single element, the elegant front panel with rounded corners that conceals a technological core with high performance. The panel a new system with unintercapedine which captures the air conveyed dallintero perimeter. A surprising suction system develops in the thickness of the panel and extends up to 3 meters in length (in the 110 cm version), capturing fumes from any point and cooking vapors. Tiffany versions available in white glass, black glass or Silestone and in three sizes: 55, 80 and 110 cm. This hood equipped with a revolutionary infrared control interface positioned laterally to manage with a simple touch the suction and lighting functions. In perfect harmony with the panel, the command completes and enhances the product design.