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Cooker hoods

And the remarkable contribution of a modern kitchen hood for the domestic welfare: it is a fundamental in the kitchen appliance since it ensures the Dellaria saturated recycling of cooking fumes. Several hoods of the latest generation are equipped with perimeter extraction system which, by increasing the speed Dellaria, conveys the cooking fumes inside the perimeter of the hood, thereby decreasing the dispersioni.E however advisable to leave a function the hood for a few minutes, the minimum suction speed, even after you have finished cooking. Some models have an electronic device that automatically adjusts The suction during the whole day, thus ensuring a constant turnover Dellaria.

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modern hood

Essential to the healthiness of the environments noise reduction, especially when using the hood to the most intense speed: equipment supplied by leading manufacturers cut down the pollution of several decibels sound even at maximum speed, remaining well below 60 decibels. Finally the design: hoods for modern kitchen have morphologies catchy, often futuristic and add originality and contemporaneity to the areas of cooking.