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Elica presents the Snap hood

According to a recent study by the EPA (United States Environmental Protection Agency), the air we breathe indoors and not well ventilated is up to five times more polluted than outdoors. In fact, much attention is often paid to external environmental pollution and little to domestic pollution.Elica, the historic company of Made in Italy cooker hoods, has launched Snap, the first Air Quality Balancer, entering the Internet of Things. Thanks to three sensors and a sophisticated algorithm, Snap is the innovative suction system that automatically monitors and improves the air quality, reducing in just 30 minutes the presence of pollutants, odors, and excess vapors in an environment of 2 5sqm according to what is certified by Ecam Ricert Institute of environmental research certified and operating throughout Europe.

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The advantages of Snap

“Snap for us is not a point of arrival but of departure - comments Francesco Casoli, President of Elica. New technologies and digitization are part of our life, like our homes. With this project, we therefore want to open up to the era of the Internet of Things, bringing our know-how in air treatment for the benefit of the whole house. "The project is enhanced by the participation of authoritative partners with a marked know-how for the 'Internet of Things: Vodafone and IBM. Vodafone, in addition to having contributed to the creation of the dedicated app, provides M2M connectivity, through which the user can be constantly informed about the quality of the air and can activate the desired function, even by connecting remotely. IBM, on the other hand, owns the cloud where all collected data is stored. From the first time it is activated, Snap is in the reception phase, learning about the home environment through continuous surveys carried out by its sensors. In this way it is able to define and calibrate its intervention on an "ideal situation", specific for each environment and period of the day.