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Eclipse of FIMA Aqua Code taps bathroom copyright

Giuseppe Bavuso signing a sculptural collection that is characterized by the design and l& # 39; innovation applied to the new collection of < strong> mixers for bath< / strong-26 -gt ;.

The forms appear essential, rigorous yet harmonious in detail, creating elements tutt& # 39; other than impersonal and predictable.
main feature of the new < strong> bathroom fittings< / strong> È the lever that, once opened, it disappears into the mixer body plasmandosi with the spout like a& # 39; unique sculptural element.

The new < strong> cartridge mixer< / strong> È closed type with ceramic disks and allows you to open and close the mixer lever itself with a movement much moreù smooth and soft. Moreover l& # 39; innovation of materials allows a greater resistance to the hardness of& # 39; water that allows you to maintain all the characteristics in the time increasing its life.

In addition to the version for washbasins, Eclipse è also available for standing basins, bidet, bathtub and shower.

Eclipse mixer shower FIMA Aqua Code

The version < strong> shower faucet< / strong> of Esclipse it is given with dual flush mixer which allows the delivery of l& # 39; water simultaneously through different outputs, playing not only with different temperatures, but also with d& # 39 flows from the flow; water several .
The < strong> cartridges for mixers< / strong> present are two and regulate independently of the& # 39; water flow through the movement of the handle.

≪ strong> FIMA Twin Box< / strong> Eclipse &series egrave; designed for dual--26 lt; strong> shower faucet< / strong> and / or bathtub and è It was realized in such a way as to make the più easy as possible l& # 39; installation and all-Link 26- # 39; water system.
Moreover è provided not only in the version with two outputs, but also to three to allow the più extensive customization of& # 39; s output& # 39; water.

The shower head Eclipse of FIMA

The shower head of the Eclipse line by Giuseppe Bavuso allows l& # 39; delivery of two d& # 39; water flows: one to rain and one cascade.
The adjustment of both takes place through the command to flush and can be managed independently for both the temperature of both the scale of the flow.
Quest& # 39; last, just to maintain& # 39; attention to& # 39; dear environment in FIMA, è regulated by a limiter that makes sure to have a constant flow rate of 12 l / min

Chromium plating of bathroom taps Eclipse FIMA Carlo Frattini with Chrome Trivalent chrome is that, unlike the Chrome Esavalante (used in 90 # 37 of the cases) not only does not è carcinogenic, but does not produce waste and quantitiesà waste are minimal.