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The Trotec lasers: such efficiency, low maintenance

The Austrian Trotec one of the leading global manufacturers of laser equipment for engraving, cutting and marking. The Trotec laser machines allow easy processing wood, metal, acrylic, leather, stone, plastic and many other materiali.Progettati and manufactured in Austria, Trotec lasers require very little maintenance and last for an average of more than 100,000 hours of work effective. The dimensions may vary: from little bigger than an office printer to large lasers for industrial production which are sometimes directly integrated with the existing production line. As regards the flatbed laser - also known as plotters - the different work surfaces ranging from 610 x 305 mm up to 1500 x 1250 mmCon laser technology can cut, engrave or personalize with a marking most materials. Particularly interesting for woodworking, ceramics, stone or metal, the creative potentials ranging from simple high-definition image barcode on plexiglass or custom logo engraved on wood. Numerous applications in the furniture-design sector.

  • Trotec

Numerous competitive advantages

Fast, accurate and easy to use Trotec machines offer maximum flexibility in different production applications. A concrete example of the remarkable ductility flexx Trotec patented technology - which allows you to work at the same time more materials, in the same machine, (eg. Metal and wood) that are usually required two different lasers (fiber and co2). In this way you can substantially increase the achievable applications within the same laboratory / production plant. The user-friendly design of the complete table also the optimum configuration for all cutting and engraving work. With few interventions and without tools mounting the most suitable table to ensure an effective and productive work. The machine configuration with front opening doors also allows scrolling and machining of parts and very long ingombranti.Anche installation and design are designed to be simple and intuitive. In the same way that you install an office printer, just connect the laser to the PC with a standard USB socket and with any graphics program can start designing their own jobs.