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  • Laser cutting applications

laser technology

On June 18th, for the first time dallinaugurazione the Italian headquarters in Concorezzo, the showroom Trotec will be open to professionals and the curious who want to delve into the world of laser cutting and discover all the benefits of laser processing and digital manufacturing. ? laser technology, along with 3D printers, is giving rise to what is defined by many the third industrial revolution and the role of these technologies becomes increasingly important in the industrial production, since allowing a high level of customization lying unchanged costs if you decide to switch from 1: 1 scale to large productions. During dellOpen Day it will be possible to understand what are the advantages of this technology for various production sectors such as the decor, design, woodworking and plexiglass, packaging and promotional.

  • Trotec laser systems

laser systems

Trotec Laser A laser machinery manufacturer for cutting, engraving and marking. The company was founded in Austria in 1997 as a department of Research Development & Trodat, manufacturer of self-inking stamps. Trotec has more than 300 employees in 16 branch offices worldwide. The Italian subsidiary of Trotec, based in Concorezzo near Milan, was officially opened in September 2014, to meet the needs of the Italian market. Participate allOpen Day Free, by appointment to be fixed by phone or on the website.