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Industrial design

To launch the design competition created by Samet then intervened designer Roberto Semprini, coordinator and soul of the Contest, who gave their students some reflections on the theme of poetic drawer, bringing examples of philosophers, writers and artists of the past and contemporaries who have done a work of art and a drawer dispirazione source, from Salvador from Shiro Kuramata. Yet the drawer, which lends itself to metaphorize deep worlds, hidden, dynamic, lurks a danger: obsession classificatory. For this reason a warning and set a final wish addressed to all participants was to open their minds, creating in total freedom without posing no limits build barriere.A closing the encounter, the marketing manager of the group Samet Pinar U kan, has unveiled the kids the philosophy of the group, the constant investment in R&D, the range of products that Samet exports hundred countries in the world and has introduced more closely the Smart Flow, the new lightweight drawer and minimalist Samet porter on the market and on which the young students should develop and create their own personal poetics cassetto.Il the name of the winner or the winner will Know yourself just before the next Salone del Mobile in Milan.