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  • Sicam 2015

Sicam Pordenone

Already available online exhibitors list who will take part in the seventh edition of Sicam, which will have place in Pordenone 13 to 16 October 2015. In fact, Sicam 2015 is looked forward as unedizione quite interesting and with participation International companies of remarkable quality: in mid March they were already booked all the exhibition area of u200bu200bthe last edition, with a confirmation rate of exhibitors exceeded 90 # 37. The area occupied remainder will come from new espositori.Daltro hand, what event an international leader, in 2014 about five hundred exhibitors have participated in Sicam, of which 33 # 37 from abroad, and more than 17,000 professional visitors, 37 # 37 of them from well 95 countries from around the world. So the mobile sector still has opted for Sicam to meet both the historical and established markets and those emerging defined.

  • Sicam Pordenone

Expo Sicam

Sicam a complete and comprehensive showcase for the sector. Next to all the big world of hardware Pordenone Fair will host cards and decorative, doors, wood, panels, components, mechanisms, appliances, Veneer, equipment and materials for the upholstery, abrasives, adhesives, paints, fabrics and leathers. In short, Sicam is all that is necessary to build a mobile.Effettivamente achieve a fair means we know perfectly that they need the exhibitors, what needs to be done to ensure their visibility and a strong draw in buyers show architects and designers from around the world. And what happened at the time of the previous editions of Sicam, in which flowed the thirty-year experience of the organizers in the promotion of collective and appointments that have always had as a goal to create the best conditions for a dynamic encounter between supply and demand.