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  • Sicam 2016

Sicam 2016: new exhibitors horizon

And online a few days ago, at the address, the list of exhibitors delledizione 2016 International Exhibition of Components, Accessories and Semi-finished Furniture for The industry, which will come constantly updated to allow for programming optimum visita.Daltro hand, ledizione 2016 SICAM, which will be held in Pordenone, from next October 18 to 21 being configured consistently. With the exhibition areas of last year occupied by adhesions confirmed to date, exposure in 2016 promises to overcome its values u200bu200band the results in terms of relationships: in 2015 more than five hundred exhibitors (from 33 countries) met operators of over 6,700 companies (of such as 29 # 37 foreign, from 96 different countries).

  • Sicam 2016 Pordenone

Sicam Pordenone

This edition of the event occuper all the halls of the Exhibition Centre of Pordenone, while an additional structure will come prepared to accommodate catering services. The fair thus being further growth, with new investments of important Italian and foreign companies, even confirming its more like Levento international reference in which to meet the best of industry production for the global market. Also renewed the website: a new visual and maximum reading ease allow the fly to find all the news about the next edition of SICAM. The site immediately accessible by computer, and easy to manage with tablet or smartphone in mobile.Non version forget that only professionals can participate in SICAM: lelevata qualification of buyers ensured dallattenta selection. Over 30 # 37 of the owner or administrator dimpresa visitors, while a further 24 # 37 holds executive positions with decision-making power. Around 10 # 37 Nellambito also operates design and dellarchitettura.