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Sicam returns in attendance

The twelfth edition of Sicam , the international exhibition of components, semi-finished products and accessories for the furniture industry, is just around the corner. After the stop made necessary by the health emergency, the event returns to take place in person from Tuesday 12 to Friday 15 October 2021 . The location, as always, the Pordenone Fair ; over 500 exhibitors will be waiting for the visitors, who will be divided between 10 pavilions .

The products that we will see in the exhibition fall, we recall, in one of the following product categories :

  • Built-in elements and systems
  • Chemical products
  • Internal coatings
  • Semi-finished products
  • Hardware
  • Padding material
  • Surfaces
  • Materials.

The complete list of Sicam 2021 exhibitors, as well as the maps of all the pavilions, can be consulted on the official website of the event.

  • Sicam Fair

What we will see at the fair

New products, innovative materials, cutting-edge technologies: these are the main ingredients of Sicam, which often becomes a place of inspiration for new furniture collections and also the origin of new trends in the furniture industry .

In 2019, 8,281 companies from 109 foreign countries sent some of their team members to Pordenone, as visitors; we speak of the most advanced nations, but also of states that are experiencing a more recent period of growth. The Asian component, at the fair, is increasingly significant. But what will be the news that will attract attention in this 2021?

The menu is as rich as it is diversified, some anticipation can only be interesting. Ample space will be reserved for the latest generation surfaces , some of which are also unpublished: from super opaque Fenix Ntm to large format and minimum thickness porcelain, from heat-resistant and anti-fingerprint laminates to those enhanced with mineral components, passing through sintered stones to ultra digital definition.

Sicam will also be the perfect showcase for the presentation of the most varied panels , for example those in MDF treated with iridescent paints; those with a metal, leather or glass effect; the acrylic ones, the eco-sustainable ones that replace the veneer while maintaining the same aesthetic characteristics.

And then the handles : many, with a remarkable decorative power, perfect expressions of a contemporary design that also draws on the most traditional styles. In some cases, they are real works of art also made with unusual materials such as leather.

In the pavilions of the Pordenone Fair, bathroom components , ultra-performing kitchen tops , edges and profiles , sinks , drawers (as well as related inserts and guides), lighting systems and electrified systems will also be exhibited.

  • SIcam Pordenone Fair October

What you need to enter the fair

To visit Sicam 2021 , then access the Pordenone Fair , you need an entrance card and a Green Pass . The card can be obtained simply by registering on the site of the event, but it must then be printed ; in fact, those in digital format will not be accepted.

We remind you that the Green Pass is instead issued to those who have carried out the anti Covid vaccine (even only the first dose) and to those in possession of the negative swab certificate (valid for 48 hours) or the certificate of healing (6 months the period of time allowed ).

For visitors, the fair will be open from 12 to 15 October from 9.30 to 18.00 , for exhibitors from 9.30 to 19.00. Of course, you will need to wear protective masks and respect the social distancing rule. At the entrances, the staff of the fair will carry out all the necessary checks , starting with the one relating to body temperature.