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Xylexpo 2018 Milan

Appointment in Rho-Fieramilano from May 8 to 12 with the 2018 edition of Xylexpo, biennial technology for wood. An important opportunity for meeting and comparison for operators in the supply chain; all the world's largest groups (Homag, Weinig-Holz Her, Cefla, Ima Schelling, Scm and Biesse) have confirmed their presence and in some cases they will have a much wider stand than in the past. In Halls 1 and 3 there will be companies that produce machines and tools for panel processing, surface treatment and related products, hardware, semi-finished products and supplies. In pavilions 2 and 4 will be exposed machines and tools for the processing of the panel and the mass, machines and tools for the first processing, semi-finished and complementary accessories. The leading companies in the market will therefore be distributed in the various pavilions: in number 1 we will find Biesse Group and Barberan, in Hall 2 Scm Group, in Hall 3 Homag Gorup and Cefla, in Hall 4 Weinig and Ima Group. One of the highlights of the event is the high rate of internationalization of visitors: half of the operators present at the 2016 edition were of foreign origin and once again confirmed the centrality and the attractive power of the Lombard capital. Please note that the entrance reserved for operators in the sector and free only for those who make the pre-registration through the appropriate section of the official site of the event. Those who do not proceed with pre-registration will instead have to buy an entrance ticket directly at the fair (at a price of 15 euros), addressing one of the reception areas.

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The biennial of wood technologies

The Xylexpo fair organized by Acimall, the association of woodworking machinery manufacturers, and the first edition dates back to 1968. It is 50 years, therefore, even if we remember that the event has a two-year period. Throughout this time the sector has gone through alternate phases and there have also been periods of great crisis, as indeed happened to numerous others; for some time, fortunately, it is in a clear recovery and the recession appears to have been overcome in our country too: in 2017 the Italian woodworking industry reached a production of 2.29 billion euro, 11.6% more than in 2016. Exports grew by 7.1 percent, reaching a value of 1.6 billion euros. The main export destinations are the United States (165.5 million euros), followed by Germany (105.8 million), Poland (102.4 million) and France (92.5 million). The domestic market appears to be very dynamic, again in 2017 companies have invested almost 900 million euros and for 2018 an approach to the billion euros is expected. In this extremely positive scenario, Xylexpo 2018 is included: on the one hand, a record of visitors is expected, which is very likely, and on the other the upcoming edition will be the concrete confirmation of a road that is finally going downhill.

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Xylexpo dates 2018

The 2018 edition of Xylexpo, the international biennial of technologies and supplies for the furniture and woodworking industry, will be held from 8 to 12 May at Rho-Fieramilano. Compared to other years, the thematic organization of the fair will be different: the organization has decided to abolish the product divisions, because they now seem anachronistic and because almost all companies present have an extremely rich and varied catalog, which allows them to address both the small craftsman who works the wood at the industrial colossus. Xylexpo has therefore made a step forward in this sense too, creating a homogeneous continuum and at the same time highlighting the specifics of some sectors in certain areas of the pavilions. And again with regard to pavilions, the number 4 will host Xylexpo Arena again, a conference room in the heart of the fair created in 2010 to offer a place for discussion, discussion and analysis. Precisely in this space there will be meetings, presentations, events that will be the protagonists of exhibiting companies as well as institutes, research centers and other realities connected to the world of wood.

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The technological offer

Xylexpo a fair dedicated in particular to the second woodworking; It involves producers, distributors and agents, representatives, importers and retailers worldwide. The show has a large space for technological offerings and is also focused on industrial production, that is on intelligent machines, capable of interacting and developing highly automated production paths. The 2018 edition coincides with the third edition of the Xia-Xylexpo Innovation Awards, dedicated to innovation and the interventions put in place by exhibiting companies precisely to further improve the various technologies related to the wood industry. In order to better represent the universe of solutions presented at the fair, the award was divided into four distinct sections: First processing and transformation of the mass, Panel processing, Tools, Finishing.