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permanent exhibition space

Salice always attentive to customer needs and market demands opens an important space within its structure. This exhibition presents one of the biggest existing offers of guides, drawers, elevation systems, hinges and scorrevoli.Vedere systems and test the products and their operation become unesigenza, understand the movement, kinematics and space occupied by a certain item facilitates the choice and design of mobili.Il new permanent exhibition space has a total area of u200bu200b150 m2 offers all the Salice group products and systems specifically hinges company ARTURO SALICE SpA of Novedrate, guides and drawers of company Salice SpA of Calcinelli and sliding systems for furniture company BORTOLUZZI sYSTEMS SpA of Belluno.

technical and commercial assistance

All visitors will be assisted by personnel specially trained to meet any technical and commerciale.Presso the new showroom can also be arranged training courses for professionals, distributors, and store staff.

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