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  • curved doors

Doors curves and curved

Curved of all shapes and finish, from laminate to lacquered, from solid wood veneer to the polymer leaves. And that one of the Stilcurvi core business. All made in the company, the finishes, to take full control of the production cycles, the timing and the quality of prodotti.Ante curves, and more: 40 # 37 of the turnover originates from complementary curved, the remaining from that law , including cabinet doors, components, massellatura, doors in melamine. Stilcurvi work for different market types to satisfy not only the partner who need a semi-finished product, but also for the sector of the Contract, in order to meet the needs of a turnkey product, or simply to design a new product.

  • curved Stilcurvi

The bended Stilcurvi

We believe in the people who make up our reality of over 40,000 square meters of production area, with 150 employees that perform more than 3,000 members and 6,000 square meters of curved lacquered panels a day. We believe in the numbers that are the foundation of our future state in the company. Stilcurvi aims as a company because its cutting edge features resources to understand the principals of the projects and identify the best solutions to meet any need, scrupulously respecting the imposed parameters: economic, environmental and logistical. According to the management of Stilcurvi, ndispensabile for custom projects we simulate that will be produced, by inserting it in the proper context to get a result coordinated 360, by mixing all materials: paints, wood, fabrics, lights, objects. In the company, therefore, set up a sample or a sample room concept, or even organizes on-site at the customer.

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