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  • curved elements by Ruggeri Curvati

The importance of the curved

Curved laminate, raw and lacquered veneers, two-dimensional and three-dimensional elements and also bent with varying thickness: This is the Ruggeri Curvati core business, which specializes in the production of multi-layer laminated wood curved for the furniture industry. Cooperation with the technicians and with customers allows you to process the best solution to reconcile design and design with technical and production needs. The eleccellenza robustness of products, obtained with high quality materials and adhesives, all in E1 with low formaldehyde content, together with the precision of machines mastered by specialized personnel, guarantee the achievement of customer satisfaction.

  • Ruggeri Curvati application

Curved laminated wood: the production phases for a product ad hoc

But how does the bending process? At Ruggeri Curvati are over 600 templates available for different curvature to each other: from the most classic to the most original morphologies. Each mold for bending built on initial customer project, which carefully keeps the exclusivity rights. In curvature departments it is used unampia range of presses to high frequency gluing, diversified by size and able dincontrare any need, even the more peculiar by the customer. The pressing is carried out with urea glues E1 low formaldehyde content. Lincessante cooperation between technicians and customer at all stages of production ensures a constant quality of the bent and the realization of any type of product, even double-curved and variable thickness. Thanks allimpiego four of CNC five-axis work centers, the squaring process, milling, drilling, and planing and molding are carried out with great accuracy, making it simple even the most complex machining. The final products are finished with the beading if required, otherwise delivered to warehouse for shipment to the customer. Ruggeri Curvati has three edge banding machines manual and semi-automatic edging machine for edges in ABS / PVC. Completed the latest phase of finishing with beading, the products are packaged and delivered to the customer, after a thorough quality control on all products.

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