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  • kitchen accessories

Innovation in the drawers

The Emuca Group designs, manufactures and markets unampia range of products for the furniture industry, hardware and DIY. Emuca expands its range of kitchen drawers and bathroom with the new Vantage drawer Q. Revisited nellestetica, linearity and clean lines are its main characteristics. For this drawer, Emuca proposes alsoand new guides from 50 Kg to further complete the range. With this product Emuca continues to focus on innovation, combining efficient solutions with aesthetics and quality at the best price.

  • kitchen drawers

New solutions for the kitchen

The Emuca Group presents its new Optima cutlery: quality, space and order at a very affordable price. Customizable in measures, it optimizes space by making the inside of the tray on a customer. Extremely easy to clean make it an accessory that can not miss in the kitchen moderne.Le removable kitchen solutions are expanded in the Supra range. With this objective we have three new products: removable angular Lake, Side bottle holder Soft M15 and M40 Soft Column. All these novelties have a common goal: to offer effective solutions for the organization elarredamento the kitchen, with the best price and always retaining the best quality.