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International presence for more than 35 years

The Emuca Group designs, manufactures and sells a wide range of products for the furniture, carpentry, hardware and DIY sectors.

With over 35 years' experience, we have learnt that staying close to the market is essential to understanding our customers and satisfying their needs. That is why we have several affiliated companies throughout Europe.

Having headquarters in Valencia (Spain), Padua (Italy) and Basildon (UK) allows us to remain in direct contact with the latest trends in the furniture sector and our R+D+i department is dedicated to reflecting these trends in our products.

We export to over 50 countries and have an extensive network of qualified sales representatives who are all highly conscious of the particular demands of the different markets.

New designs and textures to the drawer Slim

Emuca is extending the Slim drawer range, this is a drawer with an extra fine design that is the perfect combination of quality and aesthetics. The new design is in line with current market trends. It is easy to assemble and adjust, has a very good cushioning capacity and does not need special machining.

The finishes available are very elegant, “silk” white and “anthracite” grey, colours that will certainly match the different spaces in your house, whether it is the kitchen, wardrobes, fireplace or bathroom.

We want to highlight the launch a series of carousels for corner units in your kitchen. They are ideal for storage and making the most of the least accessible spaces. The carousels are made from high impact polystyrene which offers excellent resistance to bumps or scratches. They are easy to clean and react well in relation to UV rays. They are also anti-static and recyclable.

We are incorporating 3 types, the 3/4 rack for an L-shaped piece of furniture, the circular rack for a piece of furniture with a chamfer and lastly the half-moon rack for rectangular shaped furniture. The load capacity is 20kg per rack and you can choose between white or grey.

The new accessories for closets

Among the systems for sliding doors Emuca presents Space, Neco and Placard, the best solutions the perfect organization of the cabinets.

We will present the new MOKA accessories, very elegant and practical. It is a wide range of accessories: shoe racks, trouser hangers, baskets, drawer organizers, drawers made of steel wire, wood or metal and more.

The new lighting technology

In terms of systems for sliding doors we are presenting Space +, Neco and Placard, the best solutions according to the type of system you need. In order to perfectly organise your wardrobes, we will present the new MOKA accessories which are very elegant and practical. There are a wide range of accessories, shoe racks, trouser holders, baskets, organising boxes, wire, wooden and metallic boxes and lots more.

We want to highlight new products that are perfect for bathrooms, such as drawers, and lighting, longitudinal wall lights such as Sagittarius and Aquarius, ideal for lighting bathroom furniture thanks to their protection against moist IP44 environments and their elegant design with a chrome finish. Emuca is increasingly opting for lighting applied to furniture and is launching the newAndrowave, Cygnus, Persei, Micron IP44 and Draco lights among others.

For homes we are incorporating the new Miniwinch and Microwinch fittings, these are mechanisms for folding doors using a steel cable, they have been painstakingly designed, with gentle and geometric lines. These innovative systems provide a very innovative aesthetic and functional solution that is ideal for home and lounge furniture. Their small size and thickness makes them less intrusive on the piece of furniture.