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Shattdecor through Decolay Real realizes synchronous perfect surfaces

The melamine paper allows to create surfaces, destined for the world-s 26-rsquo; furnishings and finishes, highly decorative and durable.
The paper impregnated with melamine resin, is applied to the panel through a pressing process that allows you to create 26-l-rsquo; desired effect on the surface.
The è challenge; always been to get the products that replicate the peculiaritiesà Woodgrain più closely as possible.
&Nbsp; The new frontier of the surfaces in the world of synchronized’ decor is called Decolay Real Schattdecor, or a single paper melamine that allows to obtain surfaces perfectly synchronous.

  • Schattdecor: Decolay Real to create furniture with synchronized surfaces.

High performance Decolay Real is the ideal solution for synchronized surfaces.

Decolay Real is the high-tech answer that allows achieving completely natural and never before seen results on surfaces that require an open-pore wood effect. Furthermore, Decolay Real is also the optimal solution from an economic point of view, as the surface can be produced directly at the client's thanks to highly standardized processes. The extraordinarily natural effect is obtained through intentionally produced differences in glossiness, which generate an optical synchronization in the design. Not only that, but the perfect combination of decor development, printing know-how, and appropriate corrections in impregnation techniques have led to a product that meets the demands of even the most demanding customers when it comes to synchronous products. Moreover, the fact that the surface is obtained through a standard pressing method that does not require any machinery, presses, or special systems, results in such a reduction in costs that makes Decolay Real a highly appealing product even from an economic perspective.

  • Decolay Real by Schattdecor meets the need for synchronized surfaces.

Schattdecor's ongoing pursuit of perfection for synchronized surfaces.

Decolay Real by Schattdecor is a product that covers an important market segment as it sits between standard melamine surfaces and top-of-the-line synchronized applications due to its high visual quality. Despite being a real revolution in the field of synchronous products, Schattdecor's research and development department is already working on further improvement. In fact, the aim is to create a highly performing product that surpasses every expectation for the customer. Furniture for the living area, kitchen, bathroom, and every room in the house gain added value thanks to the technologies used with Decolay Real by Schattdecor. And despite the astonishing results achieved, the company tirelessly works to bring cutting-edge products to life.

  • Decolay Real by Schattdecor fulfills the requirement for synchronized surfaces.

Thirty years of technological innovation for the world of furniture.

In the future, Schattdecor aims to position its product in an even broader range of possibilities, breaking down new frontiers and limitations. Thanks to an international team that is committed to technological innovation, Schattdecor has been conquering new horizons for thirty years, establishing itself as a leader in the industry of printed decorative papers, finish foils, and melamine papers for the furniture world. With over 2100 employees, 600 million euros in revenue, and 14 international locations, Schattdecor is synonymous with innovation and a guarantee of a high-quality product that can anticipate customer demands and needs.