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Cultural Spirit: the most popular trend in Sicam 2015

The trendy trend, Casual Black, Freestyle Clarity and Cultural Spirit of Schattdecor, have undoubtedly aroused - and quite a lot! - The attention of visitors in the last edition of Sicam in Pordenone, held last October. This success is further evidence of the focus on innovation of Schattdecor, which for thirty years one of the biggest printed decorative papers, finish foils and melamine provider for the most known companies in the sector of wood materials and scale furnishings internazionale.Ma which of these three trends most impressed the Italian public? He explains Michela Avancini, Schattedecor designer for Italy: The importance of the classic values u200bu200bback to the fore Elitalia has rediscovered its traditions and its roots. That's why Italians have especially appreciated the tendency Cultural Spirit, preferring especially the walnut pattern in their warm color tones, to symbolize the sustainability of a portable stand-alone inherited. The impressive stand of Schattdecor at Sicam, representative of the three trends, was always very busy, confirming the overall success of this edition of the fair, visited by over 17,000 people from 96 different paesi.Nella first imagine: Stirling Oak, Nellambito Cultural Spirit of the trend, has a very rustic look with strong coupling signs, small twigs and narrow flames. The wood structure with a striped fabric and muted negative pores, delicate spaccature.Nella second image: the stand of Schattdecor at Sicam 2015

  • Schattdecor Sicam 2015

trendy decor paper: 'cause it's like Cultural Spirit?

As for the beautiful country, to Sicam the most requested design was the Oak Riviera, especially nellaffascinante honey-colored and Smatfoil version Ages. Even the nut Perennial in both dark and light colors is the design of Paladina Stone were very welcome by visitatori.Dichiara Franco Lozza, sales director: the quality of the drawings increasingly important also acquires nellEuropa South and are therefore preferred new surfaces that emphasize the optimally design, underlining it in tactile terms. It then becomes more and more essential to develop a genuine appliance Overall framework. printed decorative papers that target emotions and a sense of warmth, here we looking for buyers italiani.Approfondiamo still a bit the theme trendy Cultural Spirit, much appreciated by visitors to this edition of Sicam. Explains Michela Avancini: Cultural Spirit reflects The actual Zeitgeist Europes South: here wooden structures become thinner, less hardy and consequently customers require wooden surfaces like veneer and quite natural.

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The new product configurator

At the booth of Schattdecor at Sicam, as well as new decorative papers printed, visitors were able to observe a practical demo of the new product configurator 360 Lab, an important tool for sales that allows the developer to view the entire range of designs using applications virtual. In practice, the operator or user can simulate Nellambito The application of current designs of a contemporary loft, observing the effect in this appliance Overall manner of combinations and juxtapositions. Thanks to our 360 Lab put an important tool in decision-making available to customers asserts Franco Lozza. The product configurator, by the end of the year, potr enjoy simulations of non-residential environments such as shops, as well as views from a camper. Sar finally perfected and implemented in all locations of the third Schattdecor.Nella imagine: The lively play of Paladina stone fits perfectly allaltro important trend theme Casual Black. as a surface for tables or from work, as a decoration for furniture or as wall cladding.