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A trend-setter in the field of decorative papers

Dates back to 1995, the entrance of the Bavarian Schattdecor in the Italian market, while in 1998 it moved to the new complex of Rosate, cutting-edge center for printing and impregnation of decorativa.La printing decorative paper card is used in the cosmetic composition of the surfaces furniture (worktops, fronts, structural parts and so on) and the environment in general (wood paneling, interior window sills of the windows, laminate flooring). The drawings can therefore be divided into three groups: wood reproductions, reproductions and stylizations of stones, textiles, ceramics and metal surfaces and fancy designs. Schattdecor offers original lines, not mere imitations.

  • decorative paper Schattdecor

The art of printing in an environmentally friendly way

Printing of decorative paper of a gravure variant. As a support material is used throughout the Group Schattdecor special white or colored paper. Considering the subsequent processes that must suffer, this paper has to meet very high requirements. Special paper, with its color acts as an additional dye inside the stampa.Fin proceeding from its foundation in 1985, Schattdecor uses colors using environmentally friendly water-based organic pigments (free of heavy metals). The individual colors, which are transposed on paper thanks to the printing cylinders, are suitable to undergo the further processing necessary, ensuring the color unaltered over time. There very important Because furniture or floors, urged to different light sources, must guarantee the same shade as well allowing for the repurchase of the same product. The printed decorative paper is then impregnated with resin by the timber and are pressed onto particle board or MDF or other, used in the furniture industry.